#BREAKING NEWS: Man seen hanging on electric pole after being electrocuted (Photos)

#BREAKING NEWS: Man seen hanging on electric pole after being electrocuted (Photos)
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A man has been found hanging on a pole, upside down after he was said to have been electrocuted.

The man who is yet to be identified is a suspected vandal who was trying to steal from the pole in the early hours of today before he was electrocuted and found hanging in an upside down position.

Man seen hanging from electric pole in Abuja after being electrocuted (photos)
This reportedly happened along the Dawaki-Sokale road, in the Dutse Area of Abuja.

Recall that sometime last year, the body of a man was also found dangling on an electric pole while he was trying to vandalize a transformer along Airport road, Makera estate in Katsina state. He was reportedly electrocuted at about 3.25 am when the light came up.

Residents also claimed that someone else met his death at the same spot about a month before. They died at Makera housing estate located along Daura road in Katsina.

Many take to stealing electrical parts of a transformer or the pole, risking their lives so make some quick cash. Most are found with electrical gadgets which they go with for the vandalizing. Unfortunately, many do not make it out alive.

The body will be evacuated while the Police takes up the investigation.

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