#BREAKING NEWS: Former World Bank Chairman,Okonjo-Iweala, Reveals How She Kills Depression.

#BREAKING NEWS: Former World Bank Chairman,Okonjo-Iweala, Reveals How She Kills Depression.
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Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, a former finance minister and world bank chairman reveals a quality time with Nigerian youths as the panacea for killing and fighting depression whenever she senses the presents of depression around her.

Dr.Okonjo-Iweala,who’s currently a member board of director of Twitter, reveals this on Monday while talking at an event organised by the African University of Science and Technology (AUST) in Abuja.

(AUST) hosted Jack Dorsey, chief executive officer (CEO) of Twitter incorporated, and members of his team.

Mrs. Okonjo Iwuala further said if she alights from her bed and starts feeling depressed she only needs to talk to young people whom she said are the fuel that keeps her moving on every day.

Mrs. Okonjo while butteresting on the youth establishment and self development enquired on Dorsey to note the talents the country is blessed with.

“What gives me hope every single day, is when I listen to our young people. If I ever wake up feeling depressed, I just need to talk to some young people, even my young children who are in their thirties,” the former minister said.

“You have seen what can be done, my plea is that we have young entrepreneurs here, we have young engineers here, this institution (AUST) is about creating young engineers for Africa.

“We are not trying to force you into anything but we are saying that you have been introduced – we like having you interact and engage, and give courage and hope to our young people so they can use their skills on Twitter platform and other platforms to create jobs not just for themselves but for others.

“Let me end by urging our young people, don’t wait for people to create jobs for you, create jobs for yourselves and for others and you have got a platform to do it.”

Jack Dorsey, the Twitter CEO said the thing that made the social media application great never emanated from them.

JacDorsey said it was inspiring to hear stories of what the application has been able to achieve in Nigeria.

“Twitter, we have been around for just, well over 13 years. It has not felt much as a company. Most of what has made Twitter viable was not created by us,” he said.

“We didn’t create the “@” symbol, we didn’t create the hashtag, we didn’t create the retweets, we didn’t create the thread. We create the service that people came and built their own models and products on top of.”

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