#RELATIONSHIP: How To Get Your Husband’s Attention in Sexy Ways

#RELATIONSHIP: How To Get Your Husband’s Attention in Sexy Ways
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Getting their husbands attention to some wives is a very difficult task. Women should be able to know what attracts their husbands and what the husband desires so passionately. Women want to feel the bond and chemistry that was there at the beginning. Just know that the spark is there, all you need is to keep the fire burning.

Issues of life, pressures of expectations and responsibilities sometimes make sex become “just” another thing to “do”. This is a sad reality that has hurt a lot of marriages. When you find yourself in this situation, there are things you can do about it.

Here are some tips to get your husband’s attention in sexy ways.

1) Communicate with him FLIRTATIOUSLY, especially TEXT messages.

When you give technology more attention than your spouse, it can be counter productive. But you can make technology work for us in our marriage positively.

We can use it to spice up our marital lives. Text him throughout the day. Be open to him, tell him exactly what is on your mind. Don’t be pretentious about your feelings.

While doing this, remember, your kids may pick up your phones, so you need to deny them the access to certain applications on your phone. Anything you decide to send to him, be very sure to build that anticipation for the romantic and sexy time you will like to experience with him later in the day.

2) Give him those sexy greetings he will forever remember.

A lot of planning is required for this, but you’ll sure have fun.

Plan to get home before your husband. If there are kids, occupy them with a movie or games. Before his arrival, put on your longest coat(make sure you are well covered), what you have underneath depends on you. It may be some kind of sexy lingerie or your birthday suit. Put on a sexy shoe, like you are going for a dinner.

When he gets home, he sure will want to know what’s up. He will be curious. And by so doing, you have his attention.

Guide the kids to the bed before making the big revelation of what you have underneath the long coat. And then have some very private and “alone time” with your husband.

3) Invest in some Nice Lingerie.

Men love what they see. They are visual. Lingerie is like some sort of sexy wrapping paper on your favorite gifts.

Actually, you don’t have to spend a fortune on this, but you can get good lacy panties and bras that will make him want to have you over and over. This is one investment that is worth every dime you put into it. The man doesn’t care the quality of your lingerie, he just love seeing those things on you.

4) Surprising him with an Overnight Date is never a bad idea.

You need to be creative if you have kids, but it is worth every time and money spent on it.

Go out to a nice dinner, concert, a walk, a movie after you have had a family member to help babysit your kids.

Instead of going straight home after the date, surprise him more by driving him down to a nice local hotel. Spend quality time together without the kids distractions. Spend time in the bathroom together. Go get some late night snack together and of course make some sweet and passionate love. He will surely love it,even you too.

5) Initiate it when he least expect it.

There are many couples with marriage crisis. Whenever the issue of sex is raised, the husbands most of the time are quick to say that they wish their wives Initiated sex more.

And the wives most of the times will respond “I would, if you ever gave me a chance”.

Men usually have a stronger sex drive, but that doesn’t mean that women too don’t want it too.

Sometimes, women would want to initiate sex, but men beat them to it as men think more about sex nearly often than women.

Be creative. Catch him off guard. Initiate it when he least expected. He will love it.

Initiate a quickie sometimes when his mind is not even on sex.

Don’t allow your marriage to fall into the “Zombie Marriage Trap”, as the longer you are married, the easier it is to fall into it.

Make efforts to make it work.

Try these tips and see your sexual and marital life ignite once more.

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