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Ladies! outward appearance isn’t enough to keeping a man.To have a man for yourself alone goes way too far than making up yourself.

One formular doesn’t unravel all mysteries……

A wise woman build her home by herself while a foolish woman tears her own down by herself…..

1. WORSHIP YOUR MAN:Your beauty as a woman can’t enslave a man if you don’t hold him on high esteem,your reverance to him deaws him to you every day,when you worship and reverance him he tends to feel like a king and in return you become his queen.The injunction given to women by God is to reverance-submit to their man which breeds unfeigned love from men to their women.

2.SILENCE: Don’t rise your voice while talking to him.Even if he was ranting to the roof with humility, let your opinion be aired to him..

3. MATERIALISM:Don’t summarize a man at the firs instance hence you don’t determine tomorrows outcome. The wind blows wherever it pleases, your role is to be a plus to his life.

4. SELF DEVELOPMENT :” You Must Be The Best Of You To Attract Your Other Best”. What can you bring to the table?

Woman go get a life first before searching for a man cause if you fail to prepare you’ve prepared to fail. Be mentally and spiritually ready..

5. PEACE:To keep a man, you must avoid nagging. If he can’t have peace in a relationship, how do you want him to believe you will give him peace in marriage?Focus more on his strength than his weakness.Learn to overlook certain things..

6. ATTENTION:Ladies should try finding out what the weak point of their man is and give it attention.You as a lady should create your own selling point.If he loves to see you on pants and bras whenever he comes home that’s his weak point so keep wearing that for him,if you flaunting your boobs and ass and your sexy legs and beautiful face get him falling for you that’s your selling point baby so kill him with that.But be modest in your dressing while going out cause your dressing addresses you outside.

7. GIVE HIM SPACE:Don’t form the habit of sniffing his movement and activities with his friends,his electronics gaggets are his not yours so be landlady over your business and let him feel free,safe and secure as his privacy matters to him.

8.HE KNOWS WHERE HE BELONGS: Don’t try to be over protective,defensive,possessive and jealous to the point of fight over a man, every man knows where his heart belongs and who keeps his heart beating ,if you do otherwise you might loose cause in his subconscioos man what rings in his mind is dominance.No man wants to be dominated or see domineering woman around him,that trait alone terms him imbecile .

9.INDEPENDENCE:The worst mistake a lady can venture into is full time dependence on her man,Economics reveals that human needs wants are insatiable and how long will you as a lady keep demanding for little things you can afford on your own if you are gainfully employed or sourcing yiyr own income.Men sometime can get pissed off with your indescriminating demand,better be boss of your own by footing your own bills.Get to the shopping mall get your needs and wants come home abd display tgem before him and see the level he places you.

10. HANG OUT WITH HIM:Just as every woman loves surprises so do men, If you can squeeze out time to hang out with him to those places you know he likes going and make sure his friends both male and female see the two of you together it sends a signal to intending intruders and hawks on the way. Give him surprise gifts both on his birthday and other days, a little alert on his phone from you it doesn’t matter how small the money is increases his longing to be with you every now and then.

11.KEEP IN TOUCH :Calls, sms, chats, surprise lunch package can keep his heart where it belongs, call him to spice up the day, message him to tell him how much you love him, chat him up to keep him busy and ease off the hectic hours in the office, storm the office and grab him for lunch or get the lunch and bring it to him in the office for him to see your beautiful face that day

12. WAR ROOM:This is the most important room every woman that longs to have her man in check should have.Prayer contains a man’s waywardness and moulds him into the kind of man he ought to be for you but good number of ladies think that their hip,sex posture and breast can keep a man. No man can resist the power of a wailing woman and that’s the strength that keeps the man. This room gives the woman opportunity to step into his future and vision and create innovative ideas on how to support and make those dreams realistic.

13.POSITIVE WORDS are strong spiritual arsenal that kills faster than knife,ladies should learn how to speak encouraging abd positive words to their nan cause it maje them think and act as though they are at their zenith,when you speak tenderly abd positively the man in him i mean the real man in him comes out telling him “You can’t fail in life,you can overcome this”.

14. TEMPERANCE:every man loves her woman to understand him and take life easy,some ladies don’t understand this vocabulary called temperance which has led to many broken homes.Patience is a costly virtue and if you have it you will have an enviable home.


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