#SPORTS: European Players Who Played Over 640 Career Games Without Getting A Red Card

#SPORTS: European Players Who Played Over 640 Career Games Without Getting  A Red Card
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When players try their best not to be sent out of a game is one of the hardest records to maintain, as you can be sent out with a direct red card or booked twice with a yellow card.

On many occasion, players may disrespect you and make racial abuse of them, but it’s their gentle manner that makes them the most gentle players in football history, having harsh words and instant forgiveness of a fatal foul on them.

The player who has played most games without a red card is the united midfielder Ryan Giggs, retired from Manchester.

He played a total of 963 games without being sent off in premier league.

Raul Gonzales is the second player in the list, he was one of the best strikers who played in real Madrid, he was able to play a total of 932 career games without being booked a red.

Real madrid Karim Benzema is the third player who made the list, he played a total of 730 games without a red card being seen. He’s already playing for real madrid, and probably won’t see a red until he retires.

Though former Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta is the fourth player in Football history who hasn’t seen a red in over 600 games.He played 717 games, and never had a red card seen.

Philip lahm was a very phenomenal player for Bayern Munich he played 652 games in total without a red card being shown. Although Gary Lineker is the list’s sixth player, he has played 647 games, and has never been booked.


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